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Preparing your crop art for this web site. What will help, what won't.

I prefer to use artwork that's already appeared in the Minnesota State Fair's Crop Art Exhibit. How to enter the Fair's Crop Art Exhibit? There are articles on this web site that might help.

Crop Art rules
Seeds to use for Crop Art
Crop Art non-seed supplies

Okay, you've entered your work in the Crop Art Exhibit in the State Fair, you've won a ribbon -- or not -- now get out the camera and take a nice photo of your crop art.

Soft, semi-direct lighting is recommended. Take the photo outside, on a sunny day, in the bright shade. If you're using big seeds, there should be a shadow visible on each seed. Avoid using an on-camera flash -- it's not flattering to crop art.

I do not need a picture of you with your crop art. I'm only interested in the crop art.

Include your ribbon and legend card (naming the seeds used) in the photo, if possible. Don't, however, have the ribbon and seed card covering up any of the crop art or the frame.

Along with the photo include a list of the seeds you used, the piece's dimensions and what year you entered it in the Minnesota State Fair's Crop Art competition. Also include the ribbon you won, and in what category. Include your name, phone number and email address, in case I need to ask you questions.

Email the photo and the info to me at steinlicht@pobox.com

I can't guarantee I'll use your crop art on the web site. Thank you!

Did I mention that I may not use your photo on the site? I may, or I may not put your Crop Art photo on the web site. Probably not.

All that discouraging stuff said, I'd still like to see your crop art!


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