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About cropart.com

Why a crop art web site?

The chunky resolution of visuals on the world wide web complements the chunky resolution of seeds in crop art. Synergy.

About the guy doing this site

This web site is the work of David Steinlicht, who has made crop art and entered it in the Minnesota State Fair's Crop Art competition every year since 1994.

Steinlicht has won a couple Minnesota State Fair blue ribbons in Crop Art's Amateur division. For a Festal brand can of wax beans (1996), for portraits of St. Paul rock and roller Augie Garcia (2000), and Hong Kong movie stars Michelle Yeoh (2002), and Bridget Lin (2003).

Even though he has made many images of Festal cans, he has no affiliation with Owatonna Canning of Owatonna, Minnesota. He just likes that Festal products are made in Minnesota, and he likes the design of their vegetable-can labels.

Steinlicht is a graphic designer who has worked for many newspapers and magazines in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area. He has been designing for paper publications since his 1977 job as an ad paste-up guy for the now-defunct La Crosse, Wisconsin weekly newspaper, the Coolee Gazette, and he figured it's time to get cracking on learning something about this Internet fad.

He is 48 years old and is happily married to another Amateur crop artist.

Thank you to:

Much thanks for web site advice goes to David L. Wood. See Dave Wood's work at DLWGraphics.com.

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